Providing Landscaping, Gardening, Pest control and many other services.
Andheri East , Mumbai -400093

We deal with all kinds of pests that are found in residences, offices, hotels, clubs, hospitals, factories, malls, banks, warehouses, etc.

The pest control services include general pest control, rodent control, lizard, snake, borer, and mosquito control.

Pest control can be done efficiently in a cost-effective way. We also locate mosquito breeding spots and help in keeping the surroundings clean and mosquito-free by fogging and spraying the best quality and safe pest control products.

Proper fogging for mosquitoes is essential. It is necessary to have regular fogging for mosquito control, which will undoubtedly prevent suffering and hospitalization due to Malaria, Dengue, etc., which can be life-threatening.

Our services cover:

  • Use of quality disinfectants to exterminate crawlers, lizards etc.
  • Termite and rodent control.
  • Pre and post construction pest control.
  • Treatment of furniture against wood borers.
  • Fogging fumigation.

We provide pest control services of the best quality & standards to individual residences buildings, townships, corporate building offices, industrial units etc.

We provide single service or AMC. We use international quality pesticides & chemicals. Our team ensures trouble free & timely services which will keep your environment pest free & safe always.

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Are you fed up of pests in and around your house? Get help from, Blissful. We offer a one-time solution or an AMC. Our services can be customised to your needs. We survey the concerned location to understand the type of pest and the areas where they may be located.